Sustainability of aluminium tubes

The better of the packaging options is aluminium. It ranks number one in terms of recyclability as it is infinitely recyclable and does not need to be sorted like glass. It is lighter in weight and therefore has a lower transport footprint than glass.

So, why don't we use aluminium all together? The main problems with aluminium packaging can be summarised in two parts; production and robustness. Also, the sad but true fact is that despite your best efforts, some aluminium packaging is not recycled because it can be compressed so small that it slips out in a sorting facility, or the facility can't tell if it's a recyclable aluminium tube or a mixed material - so the tubes are likely to end up in landfill!

Only a few manufacturers have the technology needed to seal aluminium tubes. As opposed to plastic which is filled and sealed with heat; aluminium tubes are filled and then rolled and sealed. For a small brand like ours - when you already have a long standing relationship with a local home manufacturer, changing your suppliers and processes can become a challenge and we don't want to move our manufacturing overseas for a number of reasons. Aluminium is costly to the environment when it comes to producing the actual tubes, cans or bottles. Aluminium requires a lot of energy to be mined from our planet, it is expensive and then produces a lot of emissions when it is manufactured into packaging shapes.